Thank you to everyone who donated to STT in 2019 this totalled nearly £7,000 and allowed us to pay for specialist planning advice which helped us understand the relevant plans and processes and make an outline case against the towers based on what was put forward at consultation.

The remaining amount is being kept to help fund legal advice once we get the final planning applications from the developers.

You may also have noticed the gofundme page has changed a little with totals now near zero. At the end of last year, the founder who kindly set up the gofundme needed to step down to focus on other campaigns.

Although we had wanted keep the original gofundme page and transfer ownership to our new treasurer and bank account, this was not possible. We have therefore closed the original gofundme page to donations and opened a new one.

All the money raised is still going to the same cause and nothing has been lost so please don’t worry.

Residents are looking to raise funds to cover either legal or planning fees to challenge these plans.

Both Hastings Road and Manor Road have been submitted, but we’re still waiting for these to be validated by Ealing Council which is when they’ll appear on the planning portal and the three week clock starts ticking! Please watch this space – we will email you as soon as the plans are available online for objections to be lodged.

Help now through the GoFundMe page here:

GoFundMe Campaign Page

Whilst it is accepted that these sites do need developing for the benefit of the community and London as a whole – it is felt that the development is too large for the local area and that existing local infrastructure (support services, health, education, and transport) will not be able to cope.

These finds will be allocated by a residents group that has been set up to challenge these plans.

More information can be found on the residents Facebook Page Hastings Road and Manor Road developments or by searching for “Hastings Road” on Facebook.

Help now through the GoFundMe page here:

GoFundMe Campaign Page