Stop The Towers is a community group representing local people, resident associations and businesses who are all opposed to inappropriate development in suburban areas like Ealing. We support affordable, progressive development of appropriate size and scale. 

What have Stop the Towers actually done?

In the time since Stop The Towers first heard about the two developments, we have:
• Set up a Facebook group with circa 750 members
• Gathered circa 3000 signatures for our petitions
• Set up a website and built a subscriber base in the hundreds in under a fortnight
• Printed and distributed 10,000 flyers and 2200 posters
• Local residents have already written over 450 letters of objection in just three weeks
• Generated a full house of attendance for the Manor Road / Southern Grove public exhibition
• Raised £4000 to help the campaign, all from donations from local residents
• Met with both developers to represent residents’ positions
• Organised two public meetings and run stalls at weekly public events 

Are you just Nimby’s / against any development?

No – We welcome well-designed, genuinely affordable housing and we recognise that our area is underdeveloped and could support more homes, especially once Crossrail is up and running. 

But fear of being badged ‘nimbys’ shouldn’t deter us from taking a position against these two high rise towers in our area. We want to make the case that there are other ways to provide homes in our area that will not have such a devastating impact.

Why are you opposing Manor Road – it’s all “affordable housing”?

The Manor Road scheme is 100% affordable housing – but that’s quite different from social housing. New housing provision falls in one of three categories – Market, Intermediate and Social. Manor Road is 100% intermediate, Hastings Road is 35% intermediate. This means a small discount from market rent, or the ability to own a small share through shared ownership, rather than truly affordable housing that would relieve the Council’s housing waiting list.

In any case, this is not the reason we object. ALL housing provision of whatever type needs to be high quality, well designed, and fit in with its local landscape. At over 100 metres high in a low rise area, on plot sizes that bust density guidelines and casting two long shadows over the local area, these do not. It is not necessary for Ealing Council to stuff 20% of its annual house building target into an area less than a quarter of the size of a football pitch.

How can I get involved?

Download a poster
Sign up for regular emails 

Who’s on the Committee? 

Denise Colliver
Justine Sullivan

Dr Gerald Power

Sophie Meyrick

How can we contact you?

Please email or use our Contact Form

Please note we all hold down jobs, family life etc – we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible! 

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