Stop The Towers campaign isn’t the only campaign concerned about building developments in Ealing Borough. We have gathered a selection of links below to those other campaigns for information.

A new Facebook group page has been established to bring together all of the tower developments that are of concern across the borough of Ealing.

Ealing – The Sky’s the Limit

Ealing is in the middle of an unprecedented building boom. Join us, the Red Block Rebels, on an aerial tour to see how this is changing our Borough.

New website – Stop the Towers Ealing – has been set up.
“”Stop the Towers Ealing” is a collaboration of residents and groups across Ealing who are concerned about and are fighting the overdevelopment of our once green borough. Founded by Save Gurnell, Ealing Matters and Stop The Towers.”

The new site can be found at Stop the Towers Ealing

Perceval House development

Have your say on the redevelopment plans for the Council’s Perceval House offices
(opens Word document)

Voices of Apsley House

This is heart breaking when you listen to what the residents of Apsley House have to say about the plans for the 26 storey tower block at Perceval House, which will block their natural day-light and sun-light and also rob them of their privacy.

Located on Longfield Avenue adjacent to the Town Hall, Apsley House is housing for people aged 55 and over who occupied council or housing association homes with one or more spare bedrooms.

Current residents are predominantly pensioners in their 70s, 80s and some in their 90s; many of whom are house bound with health issues relying on the sun light coming in through their windows to cheer them up.

These residents moved to Apsley House for a peaceful life, believing this would be the last move they would make.

They have not been given a chance to speak at Wednesday night’s planning committee, yet their lives and homes will be negatively impacted if planning permission for the 26 storey mega block is given the go ahead.

If the council won’t listen to the 1900 objections on the planning portal, and concerns made by many residents associations and the local MP, maybe they might to listen to the residents of Apsley House.

They have a voice and the council need to listen.

Perceval House development

Stop the Elthorne Works Over-Development
( page)

Trumpers Way development

Stop the Gurnell Overdevelopment

Gurnell development
Proposed development behind Tesco

Friary Park estate, Acton

Friary Park Overdevelopment, Acton
Portal Way, Acton development proposal
Wales Farm Road development proposal

Save Ealing’s green spaces