Can you hear us?

Hello…? Hello…?

Southern Grove still aren’t hearing you.

Here is your chance to tell them how you feel about the Manor Road Tower.


Southern Grove, the developer of the Manor Road Tower, is giving an online presentation on Tuesday evening (6 October, 6:30pm-8pm). Their project team lead by Tom Slingsby (pictured above on the right, enjoying gofl at Trumps Scottish resort, with Andrew Southern of Southern Grove) are presenting the plans for the Manor Road site – aka “55 West”. 

We’d like residents to participate. Please do register via their website:-

You can submit questions via the Q&A function during or in advance via

Let them know what our community REALLY think about their plans!

Already some 2,500 people have objected to these out of date plans. But they clearly aren’t listening.

So let’s remind them why these tower blocks aren’t right for Ealing: 

– The Manor Road tower will do nothing to solve any housing crisis in Ealing. None of the flats offered in the scheme will be social housing and none are actually truly affordable. Prices starting off at £400,000 for a studio and £550,000 for a two bed are beyond the reach of many key workers, who they are supposedly targeting.

– The shared ownership sounds attractive but that has issues too. Have a listen to the STT podcast for insightful and interesting views on shared ownership and how it actually works – click here.

– Tower blocks are not the future for housing in a post-Covid era. 

Ealing needs real homes not rabbit hutches. But then are these flats really for Ealing residents?. You’ll not be surprised that Southern Grove has form for building tiny flats which aren’t really designed for locals –  to see The Star article – click here.

Definitions of affordable housing produced by the GLA *

Meanwhile are Ealing councillors listening? 

There’s still time to email your Councillors and urge them not to make any more mistakes, especially when it comes to building tower blocks. Ealing Councillors need to heed the Landmark Chambers legal advice which STT sent to all Councillors last week.
Please help us by emailing them today, using this template – click here. 
Please remember to complete the e-mail with your name.  If this link does not work for you or if you may prefer to write your own e-mail, the full list of Councillors is provided below.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Stop The Towers

* Source: Draft London Plan EiP Library, NLP/AD/132

PS  As the date for the planning committee meeting gets closer, it is even more important that your support is visible in the neighbourhood.  Please put up a poster.
To print one out click here.

Labour Councillors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Conservative Councillors,,,,,

Liberal Democrat Councillors,,,

Shital Manro (Chair) North Greenford
Stephen Donnelly (Vice Ch) East Acton
Shabaz Ahmed N Greenford
Praveen Anand Ealing Common
Josh Black South Acton
Paul Conlan Walpole
Lewis Cox Hobbayne
Tariq Mahmood Perivale 
Dee Martin Northolt West End
Aysha Raza Greenford Green
Miriam Rice Northolt Mandeville
Chris Summers Northolt Mandeville
Lauren Wall Northolt West End
Ray Wall Hobbayne
Simon Woodroofe Greenford Green
Joanna Dabrowska Ealing Common
Seema Kumar Ealing Broadway
David Millican Northfield
Gregory Stafford Hanger Hill
Nigel Sumner Hanger Hill
Anthony Young Ealing Broadway
Liberal Democrats    
Jon Ball Ealing Common
Gary Busuttil Southfield
Andrew Steed Southfield