Stop The Towers Newsflash!


Dear Supporter

Stop The Towers has learnt that the developers for Manor Road have submitted their application and that it has been validated by the council, so yellow planning posters are going up today (17 June).

So what are the plans? The developers say that they have acted on public feedback and reduced the height from 26 to 19 floors.  But with only five fewer flats overall, where did the rest go?

The answer is that they have significantly increased the mass of the whole development including the height of the side outrigger, increasing it by a number of storeys, creating a solid mass that in our opinion remains totally out of keeping with the area, and clearly contradicts the local plan. 

Although the shadows cast by this new design will not stretch quite so far, the impact on the immediate vicinity will be devastating, with a wider shadow putting the area into darkness for much more of the day.

Plus, the developers have already admitted that the flats for sale and rent are far too expensive for most people on Ealing’s housing list.  

Marketing could be limited to Ealing residents for as little as three months and after that it’s a free for all, but we’re wondering who will want high price high rise flats as we enter a recession? There’s a good chance that they could stand empty for years, whilst the number of homeless families grows.

The plans are now available to view online (ref. 202231FUL on the council’s website or click here  if you want to see this eyesore for yourself).

We would suggest that you do not object just yet. 

STT’s planning team is busy drafting a list of acceptable planning reasons to object to these plans.  We have 42 days to submit objections, so you may want to hold off submitting your own objection until we are ready with our support, help and advice online. Watch this space for details of how best to object and how to get involved. We will also email you a list of reasons to object. But in the meantime there’s plenty you can do to help. 

Call us cynical, but we’re wondering if the developers aren’t pushing this through before lockdown ends to minimise the public response.  Don’t let them

Let’s tell our local politicians know how we feel about this. Email your views to:

Onkar Sahota, GLA Member for Ealing and Hillingdon (Labour)

James Murray,  Labour MP for Ealing North (covering the site of this tower)

Julian Bell, Labour Leader of the Council

And you can put posters up and help get flyers delivered. We have estate agents boards for gardens near by.  Tell your neighbours what’s happening too. Download a poster (Download as PDF)

Donate to help our campaign <GoFundMe link>

Thanks for your continued support. We’ll be in touch again soon,

The STT team