Thanks again for your continued support, particularly your help delivering thousands of flyers and with research. And welcome to all those who have signed up this week.

News about the skyscrapers is spreading but there’s still plenty to do, so let’s try and make the whole of Ealing aware.

Visibility is key in raising awareness so please download a poster from the website and display it in your window, and continue to spread the word and forward the website and these emails to friends, family and acquaintances.

Get your posters here.

GoFundMe – Funds needed for planning advice and marketing

Our GoFundMe account is now back up and running so please visit Stop The Towers GoFundMe page to donate. Apologies to everyone who tried to make a donation over the last few days and struggled – GoFundMe were updating their security, so we were unable to accept donations whilst they completed their checks.

The money raised through GoFundMe is being used to pay our planning expert as well as small amount of marketing.

Planning update…..All quiet on the western front…..?

It might appear that not much is happening at the moment.

A2Dominion (Hastings Road) submitted their planning application a few weeks ago; Ealing Council asked them to do a joint wind tunnel assessment with Southern Grove/ Thames Valley Metropolitan (Manor Road) and won’t validate either application until this is complete. Southern Grove / TVMH have also been asked to finalise a number of documents before submitting theirs.

The wind tunnel assessment is soon to be complete so it’s likely both applications will appear on the planning portal in the next few weeks. We are regularly communicating with them and will let you know as soon as they do.

In the meantime, check out the disastrous effect tall buildings and wind tunnels can have in the articles below.

More to follow next week when we will have details of our public meeting

Have a great bank holiday weekend. From all at STT

Recent article on wind tunnel fears from tall buildings in London. Guardian Newspaper

2014 Article on Leeds Tower that caused death of pedestrian due to wind tunnel effect. Guardian Newspaper.

STT have used the dimensions supplied by the developers to show the mass, scale and size of these ‘proposed’ skyscrapers. As you can see the visual impact will be disastrous on surrounding areas including the St Stephen’s conservation area.

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