Dear Ealing Residents and Stop the Towers Supporters,

There’s so much going on in Ealing at the moment, it’s hard to know where to start.  

Firstly thank you to the nearly 1000 people who completed the STT survey on the draft local plan. We submitted our response based on this feedback  which is below as are the links to the five pages of the survey.  

Nature reserve being lost to development 

Warren Farm Nature Reserve in Hanwell, which is Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) is under threat of being lost forever thanks to Ealing Council’s development plans. There is a demonstration against these environmentally destructive proposals on Monday 20th February – please see link here with more information about the demonstration and a petition.

Gurnell Leisure Centre and the destruction of more green belt  

The Ealing Council-appointed chair of the ‘Gurnell Community Sounding Board’ has submitted his report to Ealing Council despite concerns from all the community group members on the Sounding Board (incl STT) that it does not reflect their views. These community group members have produced their own report of the Sounding Board proceedings and submitted it for inclusion with the Cabinet papers. However, in a snub to local residents and against democratic process, the Council has chosen not to allow the members report to be included! Please  click here for more information.  

Waitrose Towers are back as more over-development looms 

John Lewis are back, but with little public information as to how many homes they plan to build on the current West Ealing Waitrose site. Nor what height they intend to build up to. However, last time we met they were planning to use the controversial 22 storey Manor Road tower (which is still yet to start construction) as a height guide.   

Since then, Ealing’s Draft Local plan site-specific guidance for Waitrose and its car park is between 9-13 storeys, which still doesn’t fit in with the existing ‘cluster’ of up to 10 storeys.    

Let’s hope the John Lewis Partnership know how to follow rules and not try and ride roughshod over local residents wishes, like previous developers in the area. 

STT remains very concerned about this proposal, as the John Lewis flyer continues to parrot the Ealing Council endorsed myth that it will provide ‘much needed new homes’. But with the council STILL FAILING TO PRODUCE any housing supply figures for the last 5 years, the term ‘much needed’ means absolutely nothing. How can anyone say what is ‘much needed’ when the figures of what has been built and what will be built doesn’t exist? All we know for certain is that Ealing Council’s failure to produce these housing supply figures is cost you, Ealing Residents up to £1m in legal costs, as it was a key reason the council lost the Manor Road tower appeal.  

John Lewis will be hosting a public exhibition on their plans for Waitrose at the West Ealing Community Library, Melbourne Avenue, W13 9BT on the following dates: 

Thursday 23 February, 4pm-8pm
Saturday 25 February, 10am-2pm 

Let’s hope they reveal what it is they’re actually trying to do this time and stop being so cloak and dagger. STT has contacted them 7 times since their last ‘exhibition’ and 3 times in the last week to set up a meeting prior to their public showing. So far they have failed to suggest a date for meeting. 

What does Sadiq think about Ealing Council’s plans for bulldozing nature reserves and green belt? 

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and London Assembly Members are in Ealing on March 2nd. Sadiq will be talking to Londoners about their plans and priorities for the city. Hosting the event will be Chair of the London Assembly and Assembly Member for Ealing and Hillingdon, Dr Onkar Sahota AM. 

Amongst the topics up for discussion will be Housing and Air quality and the environment. With Ealing Council’s ambitious (and environmentally unfriendly) over development plans, it’ll be interesting to hear what the Sadiq says about this environmentally damaging local plan. To join this question time sign up here – People’s Question Time – Ealing 


Please save the 2nd March as a date in your diary.  STT with other community groups feel we need to send the council and the Mayor a very strong message of what Ealing residents really think by making our feelings known on 2nd March… Details to follow. 

Thank you for your support .