“Ever wondered what a 230ft tower would look like on your road?”

The Draytons, West Ealing

If you don’t agree with the plans for these proposed towers on
Manor Road, West Ealing, you need to object by 29 July.

Follow the link to our website for an easy ‘How To Object’ guide: www.stopthetowers.org

Link to the planning application: 

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The clock is ticking – we have just over two weeks left to object.
Here are some valid objections you can use: (Try not to cut and paste!)

Not really affordable. It would not really help people on the housing list or people on typical incomes in Ealing.

Terrible design. The flats are small and have little or no outside amity space. What there is largely unusable due to railway noise or because it’s not safe for small children.

It will block economic development. This design is so bad it will deter businesses creating jobs in the area. We want the Avenue and West Ealing to benefit from Crossrail, this will block that by obscuring the station, destroying the architectural quality of the area and casting the whole of the Avenue area into deep shadow

It’s far too tall. This site is clearly unsuitable for a tall building if the Council looks at the appropriate tall buildings guidance and policies. It’s more than half as high again as tallest building in West Ealing and sits at the edge of residential and conservation areas.

Density is far too high. The proposal is nearly four times more than the current maximum density recommendation for the site. It crams 144 homes into an area the size of two tennis courts.

This proposal represents excessive development of site and local area when we look at existing large blocks of flats and those being built on the Green Man estate and Uxbridge Road. It also provides more homes of the type Ealing needs least, studio flats and small one and two bed flats.

Massing. Putting this number of flats on a very small site creates an oppressive structure that dominates and spoils the local environment.

Not consistent with existing site specific guidance EAL 12 for the site and West Ealing Neighbourhood Plan.

It will have significant adverse impact on surrounding mainly residential environment. Its oppressive, overshadowing, will result in loss of light.

Loss of privacy. It will overlook hundreds of private gardens and look down into loft rooms.  

Sustainability. This is totally inconsistent with Ealing’s zero carbon pledge. Tall buildings have big carbon footprints for building them and are very energy hungry to run.

Destroying heritage. It would destroy views from St Stephen’s Conservation Area and is out of keeping with locally listed Sorting Office, Stowells Corner, Drayton Court Hotel and neighbouring Victorian two storey homes.

Having 144 homes within 10 meters of a major Crossrail station will interfere with that station, just the likely deliveries could cause major problems.

Poor disabled access. Only one blue badge space for 15 wheelchair accessible flats and no provision for support services visiting (carers, doctors etc.)

Lack of amenity space. There is little or no usable amenity space. The balconies are likely to be unusable due to railway noise. The roof garden would be noisy and is unsafe for children.
Remember – EVERYONE over the age of 18 in your house can object.
Two adults = two objections.
Thank you for your continued support and to everyone who has donated.  Every penny helps. We rely entirely on donations to help fund the campaign, so whatever you can spare. 

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Let’s maintain visibility – please download a poster.
We need as many people as possible to know about this tower, and to object.
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Many thanks 

Stop the Towers