Those long summer evenings will be a lot darker with the shadows from the towers over the Drayton Court beer garden

Dear supporter,

We hope you’ve had a good week.

The threat of a 230ft tower next to West Ealing station on Manor Road remains very real.

As volunteers, the Stop The Towers team rely entirely on donations to fund our campaign against the towers. And at this critical time we really need your help. If you have any spare change from all those drinks you didn’t buy or haircuts you didn’t have during lockdown, we would really appreciate any donations. 

Click here to donate.

Any amount would be very much appreciated- thank you.

Have you objected yet? If not, please do it as soon as you can. The Ealing portal was down for six hours on Friday evening but it’s working again now, so if you tried then please do try again.

Please do object – click here for a link to our website page –  an easy way to get started.

Remember ANYONE over 18 in your household can object, so please make sure all those in your home who object do so.  

Our small team is always looking for more volunteers…

Particularly people who can create videos, 3D models, know about sustainability, have other expert skills, or can help with door knocking.

To help Stop the Towers please email

Thanks again to those who’ve objected.  Our objections are mounting, 300 at the time of writing, but we need far far more if we’re to stand a chance of winning. So please do all you can to encourage friends and family to object.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Stop The Towers team

This massive hulk swamps the new station and Luminoscity,
as well as the other blocks of flats nearby.
Don't let them ruin West Ealing station.
This massive hulk swamps the new station and Luminoscity,
as well as the other blocks of flats nearby.
Don’t let them ruin West Ealing station.

PS   Tell your neighbours what is happening. 
Feel free to forward this page to friends and family further afield as they can object too.
We want the Council to know our feelings about these plans so download a poster for your window (Download as PDF)

Donate to help our campaign GoFundMe link