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Thanks for bearing with us whilst we’ve been reviewing the new plans in the Manor Road tower planning application. We’ve found several valid grounds to object, which is important as only by using valid grounds will our objections count.

Now is the time to act and make your official objections.

Unfortunately anything you have written previously to politicians or the Planning Department will not count for planning purposes.

To make your objection simply visit our simple guide to making an objection for an easy click through to the planning application together with the list of valid grounds. And remember anyone over the age of 18 living in your household can make an objection.

Valid grounds for objection are also listed below. Please use these, but remember to use in your own words as much as possible:  

  • It’s far too tall – Tall building guidance and policies are clear that this site is unsuitable for a tall building. It’s more than half as high again as tallest building in West Ealing and sits at the edge of residential and conservation areas. 
  • Not consistent with planning policies – the existing site-specific guidance EAL 12 for the site and West Ealing Neighbourhood plan – All development should be in line with Ealing’s Planning documents; this proposal contradicts them.
  • Massing – Putting this number of flats on a very small site creates an oppressive structure that dominates and spoils the local environment. 
  • Density – The proposal is nearly four times more than the current maximum density recommendation for the site.  
  • Excessive development – Too many large blocks of flats in a small area that includes the Green Man Estate, Uxbridge Road and the BT site on Gordon Road
  • Does not meet housing needs – It provides small studios, one and two bed flats, of which there is an over-supply in Ealing. Instead Ealing needs family homes but this scheme provides none.
  • It is not affordable – Despite the 100% affordable claim, London Living Rent and shared ownership are exclusively for middle income households.
  • Poor design – The flats are small and have little or no outside amenity space.  What there is will be largely unusable due to railway noise or because it’s not safe for small children. 
  • Negative impact – It will have significant adverse impact on surrounding mainly residential environment. Its oppressive, overshadowing, will result in loss of light.
  • Loss of privacy – It will overlook hundreds of private gardens and down into loft rooms. 
  • Sustainability – The high carbon footprint is inconsistent with Ealing’s zero carbon pledge. 
  • Crossrail station – Having 144 homes within 10 metres of a major Crossrail station will interfere with that station, just the likely deliveries could cause major problems. 
  • Poor disabled access – Only one blue badge space for 15 wheelchair accessible flats and no provision for support services visiting (carers, doctors etc.)
  • Destroying heritage – It destroys views from St. Stephen’s Conservation Area and is out of keeping with locally listed Edwardian Sorting Office, Drayton Court Hotel, Stowell’s Corner and neighbouring Victorian and Edwardian two and three storey homes. 

For everything you need to help you make your objection click here

Please remember to make your objection by 29th July 2020

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Thanks again for your continued support.

Stop The Towers

PS   Tell your neighbours what is happening too.  Maybe send this webpage link to them.