Manor Road – STT Newsflash!

As we feared, Southern Grove, the developers behind the Manor Road tower, have appealed to the Secretary of State. They want to overturn Ealing Council’s decision last year, to deny planning permission for this inappropriate scheme.

Yesterday we heard from Ealing Planning department that an appeal had been lodged. However the five week window for submissions started on 3rd March!

Don’t ask us why Ealing delayed over a week before notifying objectors, therefore reducing the amount of time available to submit a response.

What should you do?

Before we ask you to respond to this notification, we have immediately started to pull together our appeal with our volunteer planning team. But, yet again, we may need to retain lawyers to assist our case. So we will need your help. Please donate to our fighting fund to help us finance this appeal. If we lose this, the Manor Road tower will be built.

We urgently need to raise funds. To donate please click here

Did Ealing Council listen? NO!

If you haven’t already heard, the Planning Committee voted to approve the damaging Perceval House plans (with the 26 storey tower), with seven Labour Councillors voting for it, three abstentions  Only three of the Committee voted against. 

For:  Cllrs Stephen Donnelly (Lab), Lauren Wall, (Lab) Tariq Mahmood (Lab), Simon Woodroofe (Lab), Miriam Rice, (Lab) Josh Blacker (Lab) and Chair Shital Manro (Lab).
Against: Cllrs Paul Conlan (Lab), Anthony Young (Con), Nigel Sumner (Con)
Abstain: Cllrs Praveen Anand (Lab), Ray Wall (Lab), Gary Busittil  (LibDem)

The whole meeting was an appalling fiasco, plagued with technical glitches and factual error. The Planning Officer repeatedly failed to answer questions correctly and apologised on several occasions for misleading the committee. The public stream even cut out before the voting occurred. Click here to watch Planning Officer Gregory Gray’s answer to the question “So we are genuinely pepper potting?” (mixing the tenures), to which he replied, “Yes, that is correct”, only to completely contradict that an hour later with, “No, there is no pepper potting”.

This means that the buildings with privately owned flats are separate from the buildings with affordable rent flats    477 flats with ZERO SOCIAL HOUSING

Ealing is turning into a socially cleansed skyscraper ghetto.  We want to stop it – read here

Ealing Planning is on a roll

Next Wednesday evening, the Planning Committee could approve the controversial Gurnell development on Metropolitan Open Land  – more green fields to be stolen from Ealing’s public use. It’s not too late to object to this particularly outrageous scheme (even by Ealing standards this is ludicrous). Click here to object.

For more information about the four major developments to be considered on 17th March, see below. We really appreciate your ongoing support, but we also need more volunteers, particularly those who can assist with the press and public relations. 
Please email us

Stop The Towers

The proposed development at Gurnell will consist of 6 tower blocks ranging from 6 to 17 storeys which is a massive 53m. It is excessively dense containing 599 units – 403 will be open market sale, 98 Shared Ownership and 98 London Affordable Rent (this is more expensive than social rent levels and will have service charges on top). The affordable housing is totally segregated creating a “poor door”. You can read the latest Save Gurnell newsletter – click here

17th March Planning Committee –
four major proposals on one agenda!

Gurnell, CP House, Dawley House, Southall Waterside Phase 3

Link to Planning Committtee agenda – click here

CP House

210030FUL | Demolition of the existing 12 storey office building, and construction of part 11, part 13 storey office building with flexible uses at ground floor including hard and soft landscaping and all necessary ancillary and enabling works | C P House 97-107 Uxbridge Road Ealing W5 5TL
Link to comments from Save Ealing Centre click here
Link to the planning application click here

Dawley House

P/2014/0276 | Demolition of the existing building and construction of a part 12, part 11 and part 9 storey aparthotel (Class C1) with associated facilities and restaurant at the ground floor and business floorspace at the first floor; together with basement car parking and associated landscaping works (Departure Planning Application) | Dawley House 91-95 Uxbridge Road Ealing W5 5TH
Link to the planning application click here
Ealing Civic Society – link to their responses click here

Southall Phase 3 The Green Quarter Community, Southall Waterside

STT podcasts

Stop The Towers have produced podcasts on the subjects of the planning process, expert review panels, as well as Shared Ownership & Environmental Issues. These discussions with some experts in their fields that are compelling listening, click here

Podcast #3: Is the Planning Process in Ealing Broken?

Podcast #4: Design Review Panels and Community Review Panels

Stop The Towers across Ealing and beyond…..

For details about the many developments across the borough, please visit the Stop The Towers Ealing website;

Further afield in Isleworth, the Osterley Tesco proposals, click here.