Thank you to all those that have donated to our legal fees already. The fight is on – here’s an update on what’s happened this week.

The full planning appeal for the Manor Road towers is on 13thJuly 2021, and will be heard by a Planning Inspector in a format much like a court case. The parties to the appeal will be Ealing Council (LBE) defending the decision to reject the planning application, against Southern Grove (the Developers).  The Developers and LBE will be represented by their own lawyers and the Developers have said that that they intend to call four witnesses to support their appeal on the issues of Planning balance; affordable housing delivery, Design and Townscape and heritage impacts.  LBE may also call its own witnesses. These witnesses will give evidence and will be cross-examined by the lawyers. 


STT has applied for, and this week been granted, the right to participate in the appeal as an interested party – Rule 6 status. This gives us “a seat at the table”, so our own lawyers can put forward a witness, cross examine other witnesses and make opening and closing submissions. We will call our own witnesses if we can afford it, as the greater STT’s level of participation the more it will cost – but we believe the better our chances. 

Please do donate to our legal fund by clicking here In other news, we now know that Ealing Council has instructed a planning barrister from the same leading chambers as ours, to present their case. The appeal will be a virtual inquiry (hopefully with technically perfect access for all involved and those who want to “virtually” hear & see what happens) and is timetabled to last for eight days, and our barrister will be present every day. However we urgently need more funds to ensure we can attend each day. Please do donate here.


We’d like to call our own witnesses, and are looking for experts in planning, affordable housing, design and townscape and heritage. If you know about these issues or know an expert who can help, please get in touch here.

Many thanks for your continued support

 Stop The Towers


Planning committee – despite huge opposition and legal challenges, the THIRD planning committee will be held on Wednesday 31st March at 7pm.
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Have a listen to this podcast with the pensioners who live right next to the site in Ealing which is up for massive over development including a 90m tower block which will spoil their only view for ever.