Dear Stop the Towers,

Thanks for getting in touch. 

As your Green Party candidate for Ealing Central and Acton, I fully support the Stop The Towers campaign. In fact we’ve been displaying information about it on our stalls! 

Building large towers on these sites is not the solution to the housing problems our city faces. Planning needs to be reformed to give local communities a strong voice in the type of housing needed and where it should be. More homes need to be affordable- including social (council) housing, affordable rent, and with the right support to help people buy their homes. Homes also need to be sustainable, of course. 
Personally, what I think is fantastic about the Stop The Towers campaign is the acknowledgement that development on these brownfield sites could make a positive difference; so long as the local community’s views are heard and respected. 

I hope that’s clear and not too long! 
Best wishes 

Dr Kate Crossland
Ealing Central and Acton Green Party Parliamentary Candidate
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