Ealing Council has this week confirmed that the Manor Road Tower will be presented for approval at Ealing’s online Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 28th October. Unbelievably, even though some 2500 people objected at the formal consultation stage it is still possible that this damaging scheme will be approved!

We have just 20 days to persuade the Ealing Planning Committee not to approve this scheme.

Please act now to put pressure on councillors and politicians.

What you can do:

  1. Please email the councillors to tell them, in you own words, not to approve the Manor Road Towers [For a pre-populated e-mail to all the Planning Committee members and our GLA representatives – click here. If that does not work for you, see the table below.]
  2. Please put up a poster in your front window. Mass visibility really helps. Print one here

Or email us and we will get one to you stopthetowers@hotmail.com

What happens next?

For the next 20 days we must continue to put pressure on Ealing Councillors to turn down the Manor Road Towers.

However after the planning committee meeting on 28th October the application will go to the GLA for review. So at that stage our lobbying activity will be more focussed on the GLA. More details to follow.

Tuesday’s Southern Grove presentation

Thank you to everyone who joined the Southern Grove webinar by zoom on Tuesday night. Sadly it was just a PR box ticking exercise with questions strictly controlled and no mention of the excessive height or density of the towers. Instead they focused mainly on the rent prices. There was no opportunity for debate or challenge. It wasn’t a consultation: it was a dictated sales pitch where they tried to convince us that £675,000 for a three bed flat was an “affordable home” for a family on a low income.
But what else did we expect from developers who just want to make a fast buck?

Thank you all for your continued support. With your help we stand a chance of saving our neighbourhood from these greedy developers.

Stop The Towers
Manor Road tower should be rejected according to James Murray MP – to read his objection letter – click here

There are good legal reasons why this proposal would flout planning policy. For the Landmark Chambers assessment – click here.


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