Why so long to validate?
Let’s make some election noise!

Dear Stop the Towers supporter,

It’s been many months now since the planning applications were submitted to the Council, and still no sign of a public consultation.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that this is good news for our campaign and that Ealing’s Planning Officers are doing their job in scrutinising these outlandish proposals and pushing the developers to provide honest information about the impact they’ll have on our community.

Call us cynical, but sometimes developers will drag their feet at this stage, hoping that our active and energetic opposition will run out of steam by the time the consultation opens. It’s up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen – and that the developers and the council both know that we’re ready and waiting.  So, how can you help?

Let’s make the most of the General Election period by making our campaign very visible to candidates, and ensure that they state their position before they ask for our votes. You can help :

  • Write, email or tweet to all our local candidates (Please see below for links to the various prospective MPs): tell them your thoughts and ask for their position?
  • Put up a poster or an estate agent style board by contacting simon@stopthetowers.org
  • Ask any canvassers who come to your door what their position is, and explain your thoughts on the proposals

Please see these three links for links to would be MPs for the Ealing area:

Ealing North Candidates
Ealing Southall Candidates
Ealing Central and Acton Candidates

Such an important issue should be at the heart of the political debate in Ealing, and with your help, we can make sure that happens.
Stop The Towers:
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Thank you for all your support – have a lovely weekend.