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A big welcome to those who have recently signed up, and a huge thank you for everyone’s continued support – we now have over 1000 committed supporters.

Planning applications update: Both Hastings Road and Manor Road have been submitted, but we’re still waiting for these to be validated by Ealing Council which is when they’ll appear on the planning portal and the three week clock starts ticking!

Please watch this space – we will email you as soon as the plans are available online for objections to be lodged. We’ll have a guide on how best to object, with a list of valid objections – more on that to come as well as an update on our planning expert.

In the meantime if you haven’t done so yet, please email your thoughts to Julian Bell and other politicians. We know they are feeling the pressure, but we can’t.

How To Object

We all have a real concern about the impact both skyscrapers together will have on the local area – the wind tunnel, double over shadowing, blocking out light and loss of privacy from being over looked. So we’ve printed 10,000 new leaflets showing both skyscrapers to scale. We need your help delivering them please, particularly in Pitshanger and Northfields. If there are any more willing volunteers please email:

In the meantime please tell all your friends about Stop The Towers. You can download a poster for your window from our posters page.

This is a CGI of both towers as proposed going south on Argyle Rd.  The turn in the road to Drayton Green Rd exacerbates this particular view which is a true reflection of both proposal’s cumulative effect.  We have completed this image with simple technology of Google Earth, using the dimensions supplied by the developers and the plot location.  There has been no joint work undertaken by the developers or requested by Ealing Council, to our knowledge, to understand the full cumulative effects of the two proposals and both have been worked on in isolation.

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