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Yes we are happy that neither proposals for the Manor Road nor the Hastings Road sites have made it through the planning approval process, YET both plots remain earmarked as development sites by Ealing Council and the Manor Road proposal could still be appealed. So with this in mind, the Stop The Towers team have met online with the LBE Strategic Planning Manager, local councillors and MPs as we want the community to be involved in the vision for the development around West Ealing station.

Ealing Council have not reviewed and revised the local plan relating to planning guidance since it was first generated in 2012-13, nor have they produced any Authority Monitoring Reports for years.  This means that developers have far greater ability to ignore site specific guidance, as does the Council, sadly all too often.

Ealing Council are continuing to approve excessive tower blocks proposed by developers without heeding the changing needs of the borough.  Soon to go before the Planning Committee is the Perceval House proposal.

There have been minor alterations made to the Perceval House plans.  It is not too late to object to this 26 storey mega complex proposed for the site. If you want to know more about the material planning considerations as to why this should not be granted permission, please click here

LBE Perceval House 14-16 Uxbridge Road Ealing London W5 2HL
Planning portal ref 203275FULR3
To go straight to the Council planning portal – click here.

Objections due by 12th February.

Ealing’s loss of council homes
You would think that with Ealing’s Planning Committee being so keen to usually grant permission (their rejection of Manor Road was an exception to this tendency), that Ealing would be excelling in their provision of social housing. But the reality is sadly the opposite. LBE has lost 1327 social or council homes since 2006, next door Hillingdon has lost 6 and Brent 499 whereas Hammersmith has gained 506.  For more information on this and more, see the Ealing Matters website and Facebook page:

Ealing Matters

Ealing Matters Facebook Group

Bollo Lane, Acton

The Planning Committee met on 20th January and granted permission for the Bollo Lane towers in South Acton. 

Declared TfL’s largest housing development, this will make 852 units available in 9 blocks between 8 to 25 storeys high.  Yet again these proposals will breach the Mayor’s affordable housing recommendations with less than 11% offering London Affordable Rent (which is still more expensive than social rents AKA council housing).  The majority will be one bedroom units (46%) and 53% of the units are for private sale. How do these address the ‘housing crisis’ rather than making profits for the organisations involved?

STT podcasts

Stop The Towers have produced podcasts on the subjects of the planning process, expert review panels, as well as Shared Ownership & Environmental Issues. These discussions with some experts in their fields that are compelling listening, click here 

Podcast #3: Is the Planning Process in Ealing Broken?

Podcast #4: Design Review Panels and Community Review Panels

Ongoing support for Stop The Towers

For details about the many developments across the borough, please visit the Stop The Towers Ealing website

Further afield, you might be concerned about the Osterley Tesco proposals, click here.

If you have time and skills to offer please email us; tell us what you can do and we’ll be back in touch. stopthetowers@hotmail.com

Whatever happens next we will need to continue our campaign work. Unfortunately this costs money so if you can offer even a small about to our fighting find this would be appreciated – click here.  Remember every single penny goes into our campaigning activity to create a better area around West Ealing station.

Thank you for your continued support – we could not do it without you!

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