Many people have asked us which candidate to vote for in the forthcoming GLA elections. STT is an apolitical organisation and as such we aren’t endorsing any particular candidate or party. 

However over the last two years it’s been clear that some GLA candidates and parties have been far more vocal in their support for STT than others.

We have prepared a prepopulated email which you may want to send to some or all of the GLA candidates to ask for their views to help you decide who is pro and who is anti tower.

Whose party’s policy is it to build ‘out into the suburbs’ and ‘build high?  Which candidates are supporting local councils who are letting developers dictate and cherry pick the part of the London Plan that suits them? Who is standing by and allowing our green and lovely borough to be bulldozed over and filled with environmentally unfriendly concrete tower blocks? 

Click here  for the prepopulated email.

MANOR ROAD -Planning Inspectorate Appeal
Work with our barrister has been going well and STT along with several other community groups have now submitted their statements/submission in response to the developers appeal/statement of case.

The appeal process with take place over a two week period commencing on 13th July and will be a mixture of round table and formal proceedings – all scheduled to be ‘virtual’ at this stage.

We will have four third party witnesses who will be speaking against the appeal as well as one main witness speaking on behalf of STT – more details on that to follow nearer the time.

An on site visit by the planning inspector is due – we are waiting to find out when that will be, but it will be great to have visibility against the development so please do download a poster here or let us know if you would like to grab one from us, please email and we can arrange that.


Thank you to everyone for your generous donations.  It would be impossible to pay legal fees without it, so we can’t thank you enough. We’ve nearly reached our target to pay for legal costs, but we still do need funds to help with our campaign. Please click this link here GoFundMe

Many thanks for your support 

The STT team