The Planning Inspector, chairing the Manor Road Tower appeal, visited the site yesterday.
Accompanied by representatives of  STT, Ealing Council and Southern Grove (the Developer) he undertook a 3 hour long tour of the area.
The pre-approved route was agreed between the parties contesting the appeal (STT and Ealing Council on one side, against the Developer). It included many areas of West Ealing, both north and south of the site including the low rise Victorian housing in the Draytons’ village area and the St Stephens Conservation area, highlighting, in our opinion how very out of place a twenty storey tower would be on Manor Road.
It was good to see the process in action, and how diligently it was undertaken, even in such extreme temperatures.
Your virtual support
One thing that was evident along the route, was the strength of local opposition to this tower. There were posters everywhere, something the Inspector would have seen on his first site visit some weeks ago. With the usual public inquiry process being impacted by Covid restrictions it comes as no surprise that local residents wanted to express their feelings. A huge thank you to all of you who continue to display posters!
The inquiry process continues today (by MS Teams) and not too late to hear the last two days of discussions. Click here if you wish to join. We’ll update you once it’s over.
The final decision is expected in the early autumn.
Many thanks again for your support 

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