Will LBE Planning Committee allow more carbon hungry towers by granting permission for Manor Road Towers on 28th October?

A decision on whether to build the Manor Road Towers, will be made at an online Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 28th October, starting at 7pm. The Planning Officer recommends that the committee GRANT planning permission subject to Stage II referral to the Mayor of London. This is despite some 2500 local people who objected to these plans. But we can still sway their thinking.

Stop The Towers will have just three minutes to speak on behalf of the community. There are many legal reasons for them to adhere to planning policy guidance and not allow harm to occur by permitting this proposal.

We all must apply political pressure on our elected representatives. Our collective voice will be heard.

To make them listen we need to threaten the power of the ballot box.

Please help this weekend

You can help us to apply pressure on Ealing’s Planning Committee Councillors who will be at the meeting so that they choose to reject the Manor Road Towers proposal.

We urgently need you to Email the Planning Committee members listed below to tell them in your own words not to approve the Manor Road Towers.
[For a pre-populated e-mail to the Planning Committee members due to sit on 28/10/20, plus our GLA representatives – click here. Please do customise this before sending. If the link does not work for you, please use e-mail addresses below.]

Towers and environmental issues

During the Extraordinary Council meeting on 20th October, many Councillors expressed their concerns about the environment. Will they be consistent about their concerns? High rise towers have terrible ecological effects. Find out more by listening to:

Podcast #2: Why Are Tall Towers environmentally unfriendly?

How can the Councillors say they care about the environment and let more towers be built?

If this scheme is approved, more towers will follow around West Ealing.

Thanks for your continued support.

Stop The Towers

To find our more about the Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday or to download the Planning Committee Agenda Pack including the Officers Report, click here

Manor Road tower should be rejected according to James Murray MP – to read his objection letter – click here

There are good legal reasons why this proposal would flout planning policy. For the Landmark Chambers assessment – click here.


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GLA representative for Ealing, Dr Onkar Sahota onkar.sahota@london.gov.uk

Dear Councillor

Please do not support the Manor Road application going to Planning Committee on 28th October (planning reference 202231FUL). If you do, you would be failing Ealing and its voters.

Like many people in Ealing, I am hugely concerned about climate change and I understand that the council has made a serious pledge to reduce the carbon footprint in the borough.

Tall Concrete tower blocks have massive carbon footprints, both for construction as well as very high ‘in-use’ energy consumption and carbon emissions (in order to cool or heat the homes and operate lifts to access the 21 storey block).

Compared with 10-storey building of the same floor area, the Manor Road development would have nearly double the carbon footprint.

High rise towers are not ecologically friendly and increase detrimental effects on the environment.

How can you say you care about the environment and let his happen?

How can I vote for you if you fail to listen to your voters?

This is not the vision for the borough that your community wants. Nearly 2,500 residents have objected to this development because it fails to meet their expectations.

The proposal fails to protect the community from harm.

It fails to comply with Ealing’s own planning guidance.

It fails to address the mass density in the area where 1000s of new flats are already being built.

It fails to provide the homes most needed by Ealing residents. None of those stuck on the waiting list could afford to live there – they don’t even qualify for the two schemes. The Shared Ownership scheme (starting off at £400k for a studio flat and £675K for a three bedroom flat) are NOT affordable. No family on a low income could afford £675,000 for a three bedroom flat in this Shared Ownership scheme. Ealing needs homes suitable for families, not more one and two bed flats.

London Living Rent is exclusively for MIDDLE INCOME earners. Again, no one on the housing list qualifies for this scheme. Please check the GLA definitions: (https://stopthetowers.info/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/ad_132_affordable_and_genuinely_affordable_rents.pdf.
144 flats and NOT ONE SOCIAL HOUSING UNIT. That is disgraceful and should not be your legacy.

It fails to provide adequate disabled blue badge parking facilities; only one long term space for the 15 wheelchair-friendly flats.

James Murray MP says this development fails to comply with the London Plan. To see his objection letterclick here:

The GLA says this development does not comply with the London Plan, and it should be rejected.

Leading planning barristers at Landmark Chambers advise it should be rejected as it does not comply with the London Plan.
Please listen to the expert advice. Please respect Ealing’s residents and reject this scheme.