Dear Supporter

We wanted to let you know about a protest taking place outside Ealing Town Hall today the 25th February 2020.

As this will be the last full council meeting before the GLA elections in May, many people felt they wanted to let Ealing Council know their feelings about the plethora of skyscrapers and explosion of massive over development currently happening in Ealing.

Stop The Towers is still very much focused on the two skyscrapers next to West Ealing station – we have yet to be presented with anything other than the 25 & 26 storey plans. We hope to have news soon and are constantly in touch with the developers to ascertain any changes and information about validation.

If you want to find out about other developments in our borough, click on the link to other sites here on our other campaigns page.

There’s a new Facebook group set up called ‘Stop The Towers Ealing’ which will hold information about all the new skyscraper proposals – this is not a campaign group. It’s a site for concerned residents groups and campaign groups to come together and share information and for members of the public to be informed about the bigger picture.

Here are the details about the protest:

PROTEST – 25th February 2020

Join Stop the Towers and other local groups campaigning against the ridiculous number of skyscrapers and mass over development in Ealing.

We’re planning to protest outside Ealing Town Hall at the last full council meeting before the GLA elections.


Outside Ealing Town Hall

Tuesday 25th February 2020

Come down, bring posters, placards, banners,

We’ll have pancakes!

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